Every little helps…

Dollar signs in their eyes

Victoria Beckham, who has probably never been in a Tesco’s in her life, is seen buying some nice iPod nanos for the girls, while Emma ‘Baby’ Bunton is seen fingering the cashmere. Yes, pop fans, it’s the new Spice Girls advert for monolithic supermarket chain Tesco.

All part of the squillion-pound deal the Spicers have signed with the chain and you can see it round about here. As in, after the jump…

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3 comments to “Every little helps…”

  1. Its actually rather good.
    No if only the rest of their reunion could have had this much effort…

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  2. silly bints the lot of ’em.

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  3. […] ps. T’other Spice Girls Tesco thing’s ‘ere, btw. In case you missed it.  […]

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