Oh, look at the little dog in a wheelchair!

Wheely funny

You’ll recognise the style as that of Mr. Aardman, he of Creature Comforts and Wallace & Gromit (though, obviously, we love CC more than W&G) and will be pleased to know he’s put his world-class plasticine skills to use to launch a campaign to (that’s three ‘to’s in one sentence!) teach everyone what it’s like to have a disability.

Featured characters are…

Tim the tortoise on crutches, Slim the stick-insect with a walking stick and Flash the sausage dog in a wheelchair. And just like Creature Comforts, these Creature Discomfort characters, are based on real-life first-person testimonials from disabled people themselves.

Look out for the critters on bus-stop ads and on telly from January. Or go here to get a sneaky peek.

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  1. 3 to’s in any sentence always makes me feel ENABLED. CC always walloped the fuck out of W&G (esp were-rabbit, chrissakes, wtf was that?) anyhoo. But have seen dog on wheels before… at Halloween.

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