Karen Krizanovich: An American Bitch in London


Boy George, Slave Owner…

George, George, George of the Bungle, look out for that fee! Isn’t it enough that poor Karma Chameleon Boyo sort of made a boob a while back that cost him £1,000 and 13 bags of cocaine, not necessarily in that order? Now it seems he’s made a white slave of a Norwegian model found via Gaydar. And now Curious George is formally charged with false imprisonment (this is like regular imprisonment only with better underwear and a flimsy holding hook in the wall that even a model could pull out). The model, Auden Carlsen, said he came back to pose for photos AND NOTHING ELSE for 400 clams an hour. Well, duh. This all sounds rather like someone got the hump over an average evening’s avant garde entertainment to me. And anyway, what are Ts and Cs re. hiring someone over Gaydar?

And to think, all those years ago, there was a Boy George cut-out, standing on the stairs of a men’s club where Ellen had her coming-out party… and yours truly, slightly worse for wear and tear, squealed, ‘Oh, look! It’s a cardboard cut-out of Boy George!’ Alas, it was Boy George. But before the stupidass neck maquillage. Go back to macrobiotics, baby. It’s got wattle-banishing properties.

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