Altogether now: ‘The name on everybody’s lips is going to be… Foxy Knoxy’

Give 'em the old razzle-dazzle! 

Phew everybody!

Foxy Knoxy has had a bible delivered to her cell in Perugia and is talking to nuns and everything.

Just as you were thinking American student and all-round show off (did you read the story about her impromptu Kids from Fame moments, where she’d stand up at the student canteen and break into song?) Amanda Knox might be capable of holding down her English flatmate while someone slashed her throat during a sexual attack before leaving her to die a slow agonising death from bleeding, goes and gets religion. Thank the Lord Baby Jesus that she is a nice person after all… 

Apparently, she says she ‘bitterly regretted’ her previous lifestyle that was ‘out of control’ and she’s now a ‘changed person’ and, when she gets out, ‘there’ll be no more drugs or sex’. This spoken from a bed that – for real! – now has a copy of the gospel according to St. Mark, her nighttime reading.

Now all she has to do is get a whizz lawyer, wear very prominent crucifixes to court, cry copiously into virginal white handkerchiefs and secure the services of a ‘sob sister’ journalist to say she’s had a hard life and besides it wasn’t her that did it anyway and she’ll have a glittering media career ahead of her.

*breathes huge sigh of relief and books ticket for the West End production of Chicago in 2008 starring Foxy Knoxy as ‘merry murderess’ Roxy Hart*

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3 comments to “Altogether now: ‘The name on everybody’s lips is going to be… Foxy Knoxy’”

  1. Well put. The idea that because she is religious in some way makes her less culpable – or that people will view her with some level of compassion because she loves the baby Jesus – is contemptable in the extreme. And very depressing.

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  2. Oh, she has a glittering career ahead of her: as some lesbian’s bitch in an Italian jail.

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  3. Well, she did want to experience new things!

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