This is not a boy. It is a woman dressed up. Oh, yes, it’s Panto as done by Gimme Gimme Gimme’s Jonathan Harvey!

Oh yes he is

Glittering London wouldn’t be half as glittering come Santymas time if it weren’t for the weird olde English tradition of Panto (Make your own, ‘Oh, yes it would’ jokes here as we’re so not going there), where men dress as women, girls dress as boys (and still fall in love with other girls) and children are exposed to some seriously filthy double-entendres.

And after Sir Ian McKellen dragging up for the Old Vic over the last couple of years, we now have Jonathan Harvey – writer of cheeeeenius Gimme Gimme Gimme, our favourite ever coming out film Beautiful Thing and of course last year’s Dick Whittington – doing Jack off-of Beanstalk at London’s usually fairly high-brow Barbican Arts Centre…

Starring Mel, the non-lesbian-but-we-love-her-anyways off-of Mel and Sue, Steve Furst who you’ll recognise from Little Britain and a whole bunch of people who’ve been in The Bill and Holby City, it’s bound to be saucy and rollicking and if you e-mail Dolly, the dame at she might even mention you in the show!

Starts on 1st December, finishes 12th January, though quite why you’d want to see a panto after the big TWO FIVE is anybody’s guess. Buy your tickets by a-clickin’ here.

WARNING: There will be children present during the performance. Sucks!

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