Karen Krizanovich: An American Bitch in London

The KK

His Victoria Sponge also contained a file…

It isn’t enough that the ubertalented underfed chantoosie Amy Winehouse allegedly called her luvvly audience ‘monkey cunts’ as they booed her alleged appearance the other day in Birmingham. (Americans note: say Bur-ming-um, not like the Alabama one.)

The scrawny lil soul singer went to see her sugar daddy in prison and the prison dicks had the nerve to check her beehive for drugs. Well, clutch the pearls, I’ve got the vapours! Is that a violation or what? Has anyone ever had their hairpieces searched by a brawny man before? (If so, let us know.)

Seems that her betrothed Blake Fielder-Civil, cooling his jets in the slammer at Pentonville, needs to be drug free and, well, you know, love is a many syringed thing. So even if his missus had to have her barnet tested, her blood just came into the prison all la-de-da – no test there! Now how fair is that?

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