Spice Girls in ‘look quite good’ shock!

Stop right there

So, the Spicers got back together for the first time in ten years for a ‘show’ at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion thing (girls in underwear on a catwalk) in Los Angeles and…. were good! It was exciting and looked good and they actually seemed to be having fun.

Of course they mimed, but – think about it – did you really want to hear them sing live? Exactly!

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3 comments to “Spice Girls in ‘look quite good’ shock!”

  1. At least they look alright. They always mimed anyways, didn’t they?

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  2. What is the big whoop- they came back and mimed, It REALLY is like they were never away.

    What a bunch of rabid pusettas.

    Having said that, cant wait for the concert, naturellement.

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  3. Is it wrong that I now love Mel C? I like a nice fringe.

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