Daniel Craig-ness. How excitement.

Oh Danny.

Look at Daniel Craig on the cover of the America-land edish of GQ magoizeen, hot gennelmen-watchers! He is, no word of a lie, one of their ‘Men of the Year’. We say ‘one’, because he is but one of *counts* like, thirty or something men who have been named thus. You know, men o’ t’year. He is also one of *counts again* THREE alternative covers of the same edish of the magoizeen, also masquerading as a way of pleasing as many people as possible and therefore getting as many people as possible to buy the magazine and also being nice to PRs in the process so they let their famouses appear in or around their nice shiny product.

Now let’s look at the two other gennelmen who will be gawping at us from a newstand near you, soon… (and then look at a picture of Daniel with his kit off. Oh okay)…

And what fine gennelmen they are...

And the flesh shot…

Oh hello.

More Daniel-ness, ici. Hurrah!

GQ on the interdolly.

More GQ Men of the Year, ‘ere.

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One comment to “Daniel Craig-ness. How excitement.”

  1. Mmm … Daniel Craig’s Bond film was out last year, Kanye West releases the weakest album of his career, and Bill props up his wife’s political failings (not that she is completely useless, she just has weaknesses) and loses some weight… ain’t like you’ve got to do much to be a so-called Man of the Year 2007.

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