Exclusive! Girls Aloud – your questions answered!

Get down off there immediately!

You popped your questions deep withinside Girls Aloud, and this is what they had to say on the matter/matters plural.
*has a wet wee*

Who’s your favourite wife of Henry VIII? Anne Boleyn
Sarah: Anne Boleyn
Cheryl: It’s the only one she knows.
S: No! There’s Catherine… something. Beheaded.. de de de… died… beheaded… de de de… survived…
C: She’s good!
S: I was good with Henry VIII!
Kimberley: What was Anne Boleyn like?
S: Anne Boleyn? I don’t know.
Nicola: Anne Boleyn seems to be the one everyone remembers, so she must have made the most impact.
C: I think Anne Boleyn’s the one they talk to you about at school, isn’t she?
me-me-me: As a warning.
K: That I didn’t listen to.

Do all your periods come in sync? Boots the Chemist
All: Yes!
K: It’s very strange, actually.
Nadine: It’s not even for the morale because everyone’s feeling the same. Everyone’s like, ‘Oh my God! Why? Why?’
K: If we’re all away it will knock out a bit but it will get back eventually.
C: It’s always within a couple of days of each other.

What happened to the Spice Girls tribute you were supposed to do? Ich
C: On the tour we’d rehearsed a Spice Girls…
K: Medley.
Nad: This was before they were getting back together.
K: We always thought it would be fun.
C: What happened was, it was running too far over for the arenas. Something had to go and it couldn’t be any or our original songs, so that had to go. It was a bit of a shame to be honest.
Nad: We would’ve been knackered though if we had done it. Remember those couple of shows? We did it in the pre-production… it was hell!
Nic: We were quite glad, actually.
Nad: When you’re on tour you get so skinny and toned. We we’re like, ‘Yes! This is great!’ But with that we would’ve been like body-builders.
me-me-me: Are you Spice Girls fans? Are you going to see them?
All: Yes!
K: It’s just that whole nostalgia thing. You remember, like, a real place in time. You hear a song and it makes you feel a certain way and for that reason I think we’ll all have a really good time.
Nad: It’s going to be so intriguing, don’t you think? Purely to watch them and see what they do.

Cheryl, how do you feel about being called a WAG? DeeLee
C: Me? Love it. No, I think it’s a double-whatsit, and I don’t appreciate it. To be fair, the amount of people when I’m out doing my day-to-day things who have so much respect for me, for having my own career and standing up for myself. I don’t think I get that WAG tag so much as some of the others. I’m married to a footballer if you want to go there, but I do have my own career. So I’m not the stereotypical WAG. Some of them (the WAGs) are really lovely. I love Colleen and I love Krystell who’s Sidwell’s girlfriend. She’s so down to earth and normal.
me-me-me: Is there any snipey, Footballer’s wives-type behaviour?
C: Probably, but not that I’m involved in any of it. I don’t give a shit to be honest.

What’s your favourite cleaning product? Barry Scott
C: Bleach. I love the smell of it. It makes me feel clean.
Nad: Me too.
K: I like Cillit Bang. It really works you know. You know when you see the adverts and you’re like, ‘Whatever!’ But I’ve got it and it’s really good.
Nic: I hate the smell of bleach.
S: I’m not so keen on it.
C: This is the build up – I can see Kimberley on a Cillit Bang advert. ‘BANG! The dirt is gone!’
K: It does get the lime-scale off really quickly.
Nic: I don’t really use cleaning products. I just wait until it gets dirty and then I call the cleaner.
K: I have to clean myself.

Do you still see Javine? Alesha
All: No.
K: We totally lost touch with her to be honest. We saw her around a bit at the start.
Nad: We’ve seen her once or twice over five years.
C: Even though you spend ten weeks with someone you’re not the best of friends, are you?
me-me-me: She’s a bad home-wrecker now, isn’t she!
K: Yeah, I find it really hard to accept because I really love Alesha.
Nad: Alesha’s beautiful. She’s absolutely gorgeous.
K: Alesha didn’t do anything. She was the victim.
Nad: Alesha was the most famous one of the whole trio so you have the most attachment to her.
Nic: And the most successful.
K: I really love her. I feel terrible for her. Now she’s doing really well on Strictly Come Dancing and she seems really happy and I’m really pleased for her. She seems to be really genuinely glad to be sticking her teeth into something. 

Girls Aloud’s new album, Tangled Up, is out now. The single, ‘Call The Shots’, is out on Monday (26th Nov. Natch). Oh, and they’ve got a style DVD which came out last week. Busy bees, n’est ce pas!

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