Jude Law. In a mac. With a dog. By a pool.

Hey, Jude. 

Judith Law is the new face of Dunhill. Hooray!

We say new face. S’not entirely true. He’s been flogging the clobber down Asia-way for a couple of years now, but has just signed on the dotted line for-to-become the innernational mug of the brand. The campaign will launch officially, like, during Pitti Uomo AKA a fancy ‘n’ terribly important garments shindig for the mens in Florence or thereabouts.

We like Jude. We like how he’s a little bit priggish; we like how he has the slightest hint of a speech impediment; we like how he used to bop Sienna Miller in the booboo because Sienna Miller is someone we j’adore and she likes a drink; and we like how he’s losing his hair, ’cause it’s a very grown up thing to do and also experience suggests bald/balding men have large knobs. Something to do with testosterone or big knobs or something. And c) and d).

And whilst we’re on the subject, let’s look at Jude in a fluffy towelling robe with a nip out:

Nice robe.
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