Nudity + Charitable causes = the baby Jesus would approve.

Honey, have you been working OUT?

Last we heard, the Baby Gee was a nice sort of person. Benevolent, softly-spoken, nice hair. This is why he would just be over the moon to see this latest offering from some hot gennelmen from Yorkshire, which is north of here and a very nice place if you avoid Bradford and Hull.

What it is, is, the Yorkshire Beef in the Buff 2008 calendar, whereby sporty gennelmen-you-would-(most of ’em, anyway) – ie. rugby types and the like – have removed their clothes in the name of raising cash dollar for testicular cancer. Hooray!

There now follows a selection of nice images of male nudity from said calendar, including the parental guidance recommended versh of that fella up there’s back bottom.

That's better. We always get our St. Tropez spray tans in groups of four... Hello boys! Don't look at me, I'm shy! We'll take them all at the same time. Over-zealous photoshopping, non?! Fire! Fire! Fire!

ps. The rather delish fella with the cow… where’s your penis gone? Someone’s been using Photoshop after a seven bags of Haribo again…

pps. We’d do at least fourteen of the above gennelmen. In the one sitting.

ppps. If you, too, would like to own the above images in calendar format and have a warm fuzzy feeling in your front bottom in your heart as a result, go here. Or indeed here. Thankings.

pppps. Bye.

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  1. Yum. EEEEE.

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  2. It’s all a bit silly

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