EastEnders gets a gay! Hooray! Oh that rhymes. And we’d bum him! Also hooray.

Aren't you in the window of Mr Tops? 

EastEnders is only getting a gay. He’ll be played by that gennelman up there (taken straight from the window of Mr Tops salon), who goes by the name of John Partridge, formerly off-of dolly West End things like Rent and Cats and also the telly offering, Game On, that show on BBC the Second (we think) that no one watched.

So, like, the character he’ll be playing is Jane Beale’s brother, Christian, who we’ll meet for the verily first time when he and his partner go round Jane ‘n’ Ian’s gaff for their tea. Still with us? It’s not hard. Oh, and his first scenes will air (industry speak for ‘air’) in the New Year.

Oh but fun fact, soap-twitchers – John Partridge is *insert drum roll* a real life gay!

*claps like a spaz*

A serious critique:

Now let’s face it, EastEnders has been crap of late. Writing’s not a patch on Corrie’s, and can we talk about this retarded obsession with The Krays ‘they were nice to their mum’-esque storylines? And also, comedy. Don’t bother. But on a lighter note, the totty-count is through the roof en ce moment – there’s that Sean fella with the dimples and recessive ginge gene and that Jake from Manchesterford (the very scally part. Which is most of it) and that guy who used to be in The Bill and Ginger Dad, and c) and d). And now we’ve got ‘im up there… Stenders ladies you are truly spoiling us etcetera. Thankings.

*touches front bottom*

The end.

Oh, and here are a coupla more pics of John du Partridge. Slim pickings, admittedly. Oh how we trawled the interdolly for these.

Nice 'lights...

How very Equity.

We've got that top too!


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4 comments to “EastEnders gets a gay! Hooray! Oh that rhymes. And we’d bum him! Also hooray.”

  1. Oh, you wouldn’t, wouldn’t you?

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  2. That is a seriously shit haircut.

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  3. Yay, Stenders is doing a Street and getting a real life lavendar to play a pretend one. Having given it some serious thought (while touching my winky), I conclude I would sex up all the boys in Stenders. Except Ian Squeal.

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  4. Looks like the guy in my prison rape fantasy

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