Rupert Penry-Jones Watch

Helloooo, this way!

And in today’s thrilling episode, ladies and gennelmen, we’ll be taking a look at some of Rupey’s earlier work. A retrospective, if you like, of times of yore when the RPJ was first honing his penchant for dropping trou.

And what’s exciting about these particular press-pause-and-then-cut-n-paste-onto-Adobe-or-something-along-those-lines images, is that there are two – yes, two – other male gennelmen of a fairly famous ilk also stripping down to what the Baby Gee gave them, rotund back bottoms ‘n’ all. Behold, a Rupey-Tom Hollander-Toby Stevens nuddy sandwich. Hooray! (They’re taken from a film called Cambridge Spies, btw. Us neither.)

Oh yes, that's better. Nice bunch o' tits. Nice bunch o' back bottoms. One, two, three....! And out pops the little fella...

Boys, eh?

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2 comments to “Rupert Penry-Jones Watch”

  1. Three not great arses, if you ask me (an expert on such things).

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  2. Bernard, please restrain your negative comments. I suspect this is more ass then you’ll ever get. Trust me, I have a whole closet full of them in the family…….

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