Beyonce + Amanda Ghost = Cheeeeeeeeenius!

Nice tits.

Bouncy’s going country on our back bottoms! Hooray!

Rumour hath it – and you know how we enjoy what Rumour has to say – that Beyoncé wants to do a country and western-inspired album. For why? Well, the light went ping inside of her head after singing a country version of ‘Irreplaceable’ at the American Music Awards in London’s glittering Los Angeles last weekend and, you know, she quite j’adored it.

And (now this is excitement), B’s ‘parently enlisted genius songwriter extreme Amanda Ghost to help with the writing business. Also hooray!

The quote bit, from Source:

‘Beyoncé wants to try something completely different. She’s a fan of country music and thought that would be an interesting and exciting way to go. She contacted Amanda early this week and she is going over to work with her on it.’

Some Amanda Ghost-related facts you may like to make a note of:

– She’s a lady from north London
– She wrote ‘You’re Beautiful’ for James ‘Zzzzzzzzz’ Blunt
– She’s got a lovely singin’ voice
– She co-wrote ‘Beautiful Liar’ for Bouncy ‘n’ Shakira
– She collabo’d with Boy George on his last album
– She also wrote ‘Billy’ on James Blunt’s Back to Bedlam album.
– B is a good letter for her.
– And c) and d)


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  1. Blimey, Bouncey looks skinny in that shot. What happened to the bumps in the trunk, n all that?

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