Christina Applegate? J’adore.

Go sista!

Because even the Baby Gee knows fur’s for pigs (he so wore polyester – you could smell it a mile off), only those with an inclination towards retardedness would ever condone the killing of cute ickle things in the name of (generally really horrible-looking) clobber. And let’s face it, wearing dead dog is not a good look. 

Anways, Christina Applegate of being lovely fame has joined the ranks of some very good famouses indeed and put her name behind PETA’s anti-fur campaign. Hooray.

Notable point: In’t it inneresting how all the famouses who have endorsed PETA are nice, sexy sort of people – our Christina up there, Pammy Anderson, Jamelia, Shirley Manson, Janice Dickinson, etcetera and another etcetera. And those that wear fur are, well, not.

The end.

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  1. Good girl!

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  2. Fur is poo bum.

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  3. Oh it is.

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