Lucy Davis off-of The Office? J’adore.

Good girl.

This here is Lucy Davis off-of The Office and Shaun of the Dead and Jasper Carrot, hugging a lovely non-real bear for PETA. It’s for-to-promote the Bare Skin, Not Bear Skin campaign, of which we approve muchos. Now normally there’s not much we don’t j’adore about Her Maj, but, you know, the fact that the Queen’s Guard wear dolly bonnets made out of dead bear is not on, really, is it. ‘Specially seeing as they could just pop down to Accessorize and get some equally appealing stuff made out of Eastern European hair or something.

Anyways, c’mon Betty, have a word…

Oh, and there’s an interdolly petition to get Missus Windsor to do something about it here, if you’d care to doodle. 


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2 comments to “Lucy Davis off-of The Office? J’adore.”

  1. She. Looks. SO. Plain.

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  2. Oh, she nice.

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