We’re saying nowt, except ‘tight around the eyes’

Hello luv

Hello. That’s SJP up there, who is among our top *counts* four sleb acronyms, like, ever. Others include RPJ (Ruper Penry-Jones), HBC (Helena Bonham Carter) and the RSPCA.

Anways, weekend-just-gone Sarah Jessica du Parker (we met, we j’adored, btw. You can truly pop her in your back pocket, but that’s sometimes useful) did a wee turn on Project Runway – judging and the the like – and this is what she looked like in the process. P’raps it’s just the angle that makes her look like she’s just done a bungee jump with the elastic tied to the back of her head, maybe she’s just been slapping on the ole Boots No. 7 Protect and Perfect Beauty Serum. Who can say? Moving pictures ‘n’ everything after Jumpy…

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2 comments to “We’re saying nowt, except ‘tight around the eyes’”

  1. Ooh, surgery. We likey.

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  2. NOooooooooooooooo. I thought we could depend on SJP growing gracefully into an old hag. I quite liked how raddled she was. Any fool can look young.

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