Behold! Kevin Federline on t’cover of Details magoizeen


Hmmmmmm, inneresting.

Some points you may like to make a note of, regarding the above:

– Kevin Federline is listed in Details magazine – a magazine we normally enjoy even though month after month there appears to be less ‘n’ less of interest and the fashion therein is generally the sort of stuff Will off-of Will and Grace would wear. But we digress – in their ’50 Most Influential Men under 45′ list. Why 45? Anways, he comes in at No. 7, under the ‘Good Father’ banner.

– Oh.

– Kevin Federline is someone we’d do if we didn’t already know where that penis has been. There ain’t enough Domestos in the world.

– There’s a quote, straight from the gob of Kevin. Goes like this: ‘To be a father is… everything. It shows me how little I am.’


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