Quality Street at the ready! December telly is looking fabberlous.

What's that hair!

Ooh, look it’s Dame Victoria Wood (soon, surely!) walking along with some funny hair and that Hermoine off-of Harry Potter!

Yes, telly-lovers (everyone, in other words) it’s just one of the highlights for this December from Her Majesty’s BBC the First. It’s called Ballet Shoes and it stars the above plus some other great folks and is written *excitement gets so much that a short toilet break is orchestrated* by Heidi Thomas, the cheeenius behind the bonnet-fest that is Cranford.

On in December and that’s not all. Remember Bleak House?…

You know where they take a book by Dickens (Charles, not Monica) and turn it into a soap opera? Well, they’re doing it again! This time with Oliver Twist! Oh, who will buy this wonderful morning?

Yeah, you think you know it like the back of your bottom, but this will be stretched right out to get all those characters in. It’s got Sarah Lancashire – Raquel off-of Corrie – Timothy Spall as dirty Fagin and Sophie Okonedu as Nancy ‘Whenever he needs me’ Sykes. Put together by someone who used to do EastEnders (don’t let that put you off), it’s on in five eps in┬áDecember.

Oh, and next time someone asks if you like Dickens, just say, ‘Oh, it’s been so long since I’ve been to one…’ Think about it. Funny. Ha.

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  1. I simply CANNOT get ENOUGH of Dame Victoria Wood. J’adore.

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