Twiggy quits America’s Next Top Model!

You remind me of a young Tranny Banks.



Our Twiggy has said ta-taa to ANTM, owing to ‘scheduling conflicts’. Otherwise known as, ‘I’ve got enough money from Marks’s, bitch, I ain’t sitting in a line-up with Tranny Banks, some lady who walks for a living and ‘noted photographer’ Nigel ‘Who?’ Barker any longer! Good morning.’

‘Tis very sad, mind. And instead of Fashion Icon Lawson, we’re/they’re getting Paulina Porizkova.


This is what she looks like:


Still none the wiser.


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4 comments to “Twiggy quits America’s Next Top Model!”

  1. Our American friends will tell us that that Paulina person was on Dancing with the Stars. Got booted out, like, right at the beginning or something. Ach well.

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  2. Snore on. This has well run out of steam by now anyway. The idea that any of those mooses could be models is strictly laughable.

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  3. It’s true.

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  4. Damn! Twiggy was the only pretty one on the show. Mooses is right!

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