Christina gets her bumps out. Yes, bumps plural.

Put it away love

Don’t know about you but there are some people who think that the sight of a heavily pregnant woman wearing nothing but some high-heeled mules is distasteful.

Christina Aguilera is not amongst them. Mind you, there are probably some people who are surfing the internet for just that sort of picture right now.

They won’t have far to look. Christina off-of Aguilera has bared all (too much information!) for the American version of Marie Claire. We bring you this more tasteful shot and won’t go into the nudie one or the bit in the interview where she talks about her husband – that funny-looking Jordan character – having super-sperm. EW!

PS Don’t she look like Aislyne (Ashleen!) off-of last year’s Big Brother!

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4 comments to “Christina gets her bumps out. Yes, bumps plural.”

  1. Seems a bit downmarket, somehow, for Marie Claire. Unless Marie Claire is downmarket, of course. Wouldn’t really know. I read Saga magazine.

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    I miss Aisleyne.

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