Mo’ movie news! Tom Ford does gay, Sean Penn goes gay!

You oughta be in pictures

See this man here, being felt up by a woman even though the whole world knows he’s gay (on second thoughts, maybe it’s a drag queen!)… Well he’s Tom Ford and he’s about to direct a movie based on a book by one of our most favouritest ever authors.

The author in question is Christopher Isherwood, who wrote the book that became (life is a) Cabaret (old chum) – and yes, of course he was a gayer – and the book A Single Man. Very slim (even you could read it!) it’s about a gay man going about his business on one day in LA. Honey, we’ve all been there. More information as it reaches us.

On unrelated gay movie news…Sean Penn is about to play Harvey Milk, the real-life gay San Francisco politician gunned down by some prick whose defense was that he’d eaten too many mini-swiss rolls (for real). It’s just one of two films about Mr. Milk racing – Capote-style – to come out first.

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2 comments to “Mo’ movie news! Tom Ford does gay, Sean Penn goes gay!”

  1. How interesting… we was just talking about Harvey Milk in our office.

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  2. Yum. Mr Tom of Ford is one sweet piece of man candy.

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