So is Patsy Kensit about to marry this lady here?

You know what John Wayne is!

We mean the lady on the left. The male lady. His name is Jeremy Healy aka DJ Jeremy Healy and he started out in life as the male lady in 80s pop, what are we calling this?, combo? Haysi Fantayzee off-of such hits as ‘John Wayne is Big Leggy’ and ‘Shiny Shiny’. No, us either.

Anyways, la Patsy – whom we j’adore, btw – has been a-dating of Mr JH and has recently been spotted wearing – wait for it! – a diamond ring. Of diamonds. And ring.

Pats has not confirmed her fourth wedding (how many toasters must that woman have?) but has said, and we quote direct, ‘I am very happy.’

There you have it then. Incontrovertible.

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3 comments to “So is Patsy Kensit about to marry this lady here?”

  1. She’s not one to learn a lesson is she, pats? Or maybe she thinks after being married three times she’s finally got the hang of it.

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  2. Jeremy was responsible for ‘Everything Starts With An E’ so he’s not all bad… and his partner in Haysi was the fabulous Kate Garner – now photographer to the stars. Shame Patsy’s such a starfucker though.

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  3. Really? You like Patsy? She’s such a worn out old bag. (Although granted, she has her priorities right. She married that ugly bloke from Simple Minds who has a 10″ cock, apparently).

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