Hope(less) booted off the X, but what did Brian really think of them?

Manimal and the girls

The five talentless trouts also known as Hope finally got booted off-of X Factor this weekend (and you thought the Spice Girls couldn’t sing until this lot did ‘2 Become 1’!)

And even though the judges seemed to find it hard to say anything bad about the bitches, we spoke to Brian Friedman, the dance bloke who got kicked off the judging panel in order to become ‘creative director’ and he wasn’t quite so reticent…

‘Some of the Hope girls bicker back and forward with other people. I really like some of the girls and I really don’t think some of the others stand a chance. I think Leah, the tall black girl, and Charlie, the short one – basically the two they always put on the end – are really holding that group back. The other three girls get it. Ultimately, if you’re not going to be incredible vocalists, at least be able to dance. Emily and Raquel, I love them and Phoebe had the voice but if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.’

It didn’t work.

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  1. Ho’ were shit from the get-go.

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