Spice Girls do it at last. But was it any good?

Shake it to the left

Their latest single hobbled into the charts at a very unimpressive number 11 (especially unimpressive when you think all their other singles have been number ones – except for one number two) to become the lowest-selling Children in Need single OF ALL TIME. But that doesn’t mean their concert necessarily sucked…

In fact all reports are that it was a humdinger with the girls so happy to be there that they couldn’t keep their freaking hands off each other. It all went down in Vancouver, David Beckham turned up to see the show (and give all the girls a commemorative bracelet) and it went on for two freaking hours.

The circus comes to London town on 15th December.

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3 comments to “Spice Girls do it at last. But was it any good?”

  1. I like the updated Union Flag dress….

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  2. What! And how is it old news? It only happened early ths morning.

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