And you thought London was fun now!

Roll up to the greatest show on earth

Ooh, look at the future of London. We’ve already got a big wheel and in this imagining of how it would look in the future the London Eye – a Big Wheel with knobs on – is joined by a Big Dipper and some funny pod ride thing. How fun would that be?

But what it really is is…

an advert for the new One card.

Concentrate, ’cause here comes the science bit. With the new One card you’ll be able to travel on the Tube and on the buses with a quick swipe (for ’tis an Oyster card: London’s pre-paid transporty thing which whizzes you through like you was a VIP).

You’ll be able to charge stuff up, for ’tis a credit card.

You’ll also be able to ‘swipe’ stuff worth less than £10. That doesn’t mean nick/steal/half-inch. It means that instead of queueing up to pay or having to sign or punch in your PIN, you’ll be able to purchase items by just putting your card against a reader and it will, by the magic of electrickery, deduct that amount from your account.

It is the future of London people. And we can’t wait.

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  2. But will it be building a roller coaster across Londinium?

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