And for their next trick, Spandau Ballet will reform. How clever.

Spandau Ballet. Hello.

Spandau Ballet are set to reform after the band was offered, like, trillions of English pounds to perform in London’s glittering Las Vegas.

At. Last.

The Ballet (we know!) has been lured by an offer of, if we’re being pedantic, two million squid, which is like four million America-land dollars, to appear at the opening of a new luxury development in the city.

This is what Source had to say on the matter:

‘It has always been quite complicated because the band has a different manager to the Kemp brothers, because they fell out with them a whilte back. But since this offer was tabled, both managers have met and it looks very promising.’

Course it fucking does.

The end.

Now let’s listen to a nice Spandau Ballet tuuuuuuuuuuune…

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4 comments to “And for their next trick, Spandau Ballet will reform. How clever.”

  1. I often happen upon Tony Hadley in Muswell Hill, especially of a Saturday afternoon. True story.

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  2. Ooh, good news all round. I saw the Durans on the telly at the weekend and said out loud to myself while no one was listening, ‘I hope the Spandau come back too.’ And now they have. Christmas has come early.

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  3. Who will reform next one wonders? Mel & Kim……God- I am SO going to hell.

    I am touching myself inapproriately at this news. Is it worng to admit that Tony Hadley & the Kemps are guilty pleasures? I was convinced that Tony Hadley was a pole smoker after seeing the video to True, but turns out, not so much.

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  4. He smoked my pole, Tequilla. In my head, anyway.

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