Cathy Dennis is returnething!

When a ginge and in doubt, wear green.

Cathy Dennis is releasing her first album in, ooh, must be what, a million years? next year. True story.

Also true she’s not really been away away, what with her penning delightful ditties for the likes of Kylie off-of small and Britney off-of skank – you know, things like ‘Toxic’ and ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ and ‘Sweet Dreams My LA Ex’ etcetera and blah – but this time she’ll be doing the la la laaaaaa-ing her very self like she used to do.

And c) and d)

Anyways, it’s all very ‘citing. 

Oh and these people told us this. Such clever-ness.

Now let’s watch Cathy Dennis sing-a-lingin’ ‘Too Many Walls’. And we totally j’adore in a non-ironic way and everything.

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3 comments to “Cathy Dennis is returnething!”

  1. Yay, Cathy Dennis reminds me of a young Rachel Stevens.

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  2. Oh she does! And she’s age-d velly well also.

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  3. She looks like SEB in this

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