Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a large inflatable marketing opportunity!

Spiderpig Spiderpig...

Oh, and aren’t those Simpson’s marketing people funny!

What they’ve done is, they’ve taken the Spiderpig character off-of The Simpsons Movie and they’ve made it into a huge inflatable and have floated it above glittering London’s Battersea Power Station (sidebar: isn’t Battersea the worst place in the whole of glittering London? Impossible to get to and full of twats!). (Sidebar 2: When will people stop using London landmarks to promote their shit goods? Silver Surfer on the side of the London Eye, Tower Bridge opening to let a huge Michael Jackson float down…)

Anyway, this is what the Pink Floyd version that this is a pop reference to looked like in its original Pink Floyd version…

It'a all another brick in the wall to us
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2 comments to “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a large inflatable marketing opportunity!”

  1. I know, how rude! I really wish they would desist from using our lovely landmarks to promote their shit. Ken must put a stop to it. Immediately. Even if he does lose out on pick ‘n’ mix money.

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  2. Points A and 2b are correct. Battersea IS the armpit of London. Infact it might even be the arsehole, although that would be a close contest with Wandsworth.

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