Hey culture lovers, welcome to the Abba Museum!

It's cold in Stockholm

You see these four people who have been a major force in popular culture, spawning a Madonna single, a glittering West End musical, a segment on Barcelona’s dazzling Dancing Fountains and the title (and title song) for the fabulous Gimme Gimme Gimme (oh, and some songs of their own)… well, they’re about to get their own museum. In Stockholm of all places.It’s going to be over three floors (no doubt with a nice cafeteria and a gift shop) and breaks up into different areas concentrating on the clothing (see above), the music, the fact that they can’t do the ‘z’ sound so always replace it with the ‘s’ sound… Oh, and a disco room (even though they are not a disco band), where people can move to the music.

The band will be donating items – the odd crocheted cap, a dress with a cat on it, a white boiler suit slightly stained at the crotch – to the museum slated to open in summer 2009. A year before that, in July 2008, you’ll be able to see Meryl Streep in the movie version of the Abba musical, Mama Mia.

And they say the future is bleak! 

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