Kylie and Jason, back together again! Well, sort of…

Gruesome twosome

*Said in that voice they use for movie trailers* On their own they were legends of rock. Together they were a powerhouse. *Stop using that silly voice now*

The ‘beloved’ duo that is Kylie Minogue and Jason ‘If you call me queer I’ll sue you, you Pommie bastards’ Donovan is set to be reunited on this Saturday’s X Factor. *Tries to let out a bit of wee but finds that nothing will come* Oh, yes, pop fans, the gruesome twosome who once wowed the world with their duet ‘Especially for You’ are to share the stage on Saturday when the pair of them give the X Factor finalists a much needed hand.

Kylie has been paired up with lucky Leon while Jason, who hasn’t had a hit since he was pipped to the number one slot by Marie Lloyd and her ‘My Old Man’s a Dustman’, will make showbusiness history with Same Difference (bearing in mind that this time last year we had Leona and Take That).

Lucky old Rhydian, meanwhile, has enlisted the help of an actual singer: Welsh songbird/forces sweetheart/girlfriend of that Blue Peter bloke on Strictly Come on my Tits, Kathryn Jenkins.

What an evening of quality TV, eh people with nowhere to go of a Saturday night! 

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2 comments to “Kylie and Jason, back together again! Well, sort of…”

  1. *makes bomb in kitchen, after picking up tips from last night’s Spooks; books place in audience; devices wicked plan to outwit security; throws bomb onto stage as the pair are performing; all is well in the world once more*

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  2. I heart Kylie and Jason.

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