Paris, been a bit liberal with the ole fake tan again?

Honey, did you fuck a cheesy Wotsit?

Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh no, silly. That up there is Paris in a promo shot for-to-help flog her latest venture – prosecco!

Which is the fizzy wine you get if your budget don’t stretch to champagne, ‘sically. Cava is another alternative, as is methylated spirits.

Clad in gold paint – you know, like in that Bond film where something happens – Paris is crawling her way through the Mohave desert, one imagines towards her lovely prosecco, which is called Rich, incidentally. ‘Cause prosecco is just what you crave when you’re dying of thirst in the Mohave desert and your skin’s been hideously burnt so as to resemble a Cheesy Wotsit.

And so classy is Paris’s new shandy booze drink, that it comes in a can.

And this is what it looks like – you know, just so you don’t miss in on your weekly Sainsbury’s shop:

Love a nice prosecco, innit.

And rumour hath it that Paris will be in Berlin tomo, to officially launch Rich in Europe, with a US release penned in for next year sometime. Excitement.

These people told us about this. Thankings.

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4 comments to “Paris, been a bit liberal with the ole fake tan again?”

  1. Say what you like, she does have qutie a nice body. And I do like a drop of Prosecco.

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  2. I would personally be tempted to buy this product. Would be handy on the Tube.

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  3. I prefer prosecco to champagne. Just thought you should know.

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