Almodovar’s doing a new film. Hooray!

Penelope? J'adore.

News hath arrived of our most favouritist a-Spanish director’s – Pedro Almodóvar (stress on the second ‘o’, ladies!) – latest moving picture.

Some things you may like to make a note of include:

– ‘Tis called ‘Los Abrazos Rotos’ (a-thu-thu-thu-thu-thu-thu). Which means, literally, ‘the broken hugs’. Breaks yer heart, innit? Brackets optional.

– Our favouritist showbiz beard a-Spanish actress – Penelope Cruz – is in it. That’s ‘er up there.

– Gonna be filmed mostly in Madrid, which is a nice place.

– Twill be filmed in the style of a ’50s Merican film noir and will be a ‘tale of amour fou at its most hard-boiled’. The bit in quotes came from Pedro’s mouth.

– And c) and d).

More info, ici.

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2 comments to “Almodovar’s doing a new film. Hooray!”

  1. Yey! Melikes an a-Spanish film by a-Spanish Almodóvar. See, got the accent right and everything!

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  2. Ye-ah- Almodóvar is like, the best a-Spanish director ever. And can someone please expalin why: Penelope Cruz- Rabid old dog with the acting skills of Phil Daniels- Penelope Cruz in films of her native tounge, Oscar performing sex goddess?

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