Karen Krizanovich: An American Bitch in London

The first Noel

Got invited to the painting party of one half of The Mighty Boosh, Noel Fielding (who says he can only relax while painting) and his show called Psychedelic Dreams of the Jelly Fox at the best-place-for-mince-pies-in-the-whole-wide-world (beating Konditor & Cook) Maison Bertaux in Greek Street.

Yeah, I should have been there by 8pm (I had been warned) but was on the phone having more fun so arrived there 23 minutes late. Like the last helicopter out of Saigon, the little shop of croissants was bulging with desperadoes trying to get to the second floor where the artist and his works lurked.

There was a funhouse mirror version of Amy Winehouse, who turned out to be Fielding himself. Like a cheery Ramone (is that his real hair?), Fielding tag-teamed with fellow artist Vic Reeves, in the street, you know, down with the peeps those two.

Champagne, croissants, cold weather and cop cars couldn’t keep us from critiquing the art: ‘Whimsical’, ‘Saucy’, ‘Colourful’, ‘Cartoony’. ‘He writes all over everything’. ‘This is the most girlie opening I’ve ever been to!’ said the friend who really IS a fine artist.

I bumped into some gorgeous girls and asked them what they thought about Noel’s doodling. ‘Ooooh,’ they giggled. ‘It’s great. Emotional. Really moving.’ I turned from them and motioned putting my fingers down my throat: was I ever that dumb and pretty?

Meanwhile, Fielding’s mate Dexter Dalwood – an artist mentioned in a lot of articles – said to me, ‘I told Noel to give up art and keep to the comedy – but he’s kept both and we’re all suffering. As for the price, even he doesn’t know what they’re going for… he says Tania keeps track of all that.’ We likee Tania. She’s slender and funny and wears a skull necklace. And she’s packed Maison Bertaux as tight as a haggis with slebs, buyers and pretty people.

‘Eyeliner art,’ said the fine artist, ‘but none of this art is scary despite all the grinning skulls.’

I’m glad his art helps Mr. Fielding relax. And you know what, I think one of them¬†just might match my sofa.¬†

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  1. Take me next time will ye, Karen? I have a keen eye for art.

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