Oh, look! It’s Pariah Carey’s new movie!

Shut up, she's good everyone

Now, we don’t care what you say, we think Mariah is a good actress. Yes, indeed.

She can’t be blamed for Glitter (the person who made her wear her hair in little bunches can be blamed), and she was more than decent in Wisegirls with Mira ‘Romy and Michelle’ Sorvino. So we are actually quite looking forward to Tennessee, the story of two brothers looking for their father so he can save one of them from leukemia. And on the way they meet Krystle, a – guess what! – singer!

It’s in post-production at the moment but if it has even half the sexual tension and drama of the TV advert for her perfume, M, it’s going to be a three-hankie job.

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  1. I will always thank her for inventing the crop-top jean look. “Don’t lose weight – just cut the waistband off your jeans!” Genius! And Ethan Peck, he’s Ethan Hawk’s brother, right?

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