Stuck for that last-minute pressie for mum?

Let's go Dutch

Oh, isn’t it pretty! It’s a dildo done in the style of Delft pottery, native to the Netherlands. So, now you don’t have to have a life-size (more than life-size, if we’re not mistaken) effigy of Aiden Shaw, you can now have a tasteful bit of porcelain that could grace any mantlepiece in the kingdom.

It comes from here (a very hot site, and even hotter New York shop) and it will cost you in excess of $200, which is pricey bearing in mind it could well break off inside of you. And we’re not sure about the cork: is it so you can fill it with warm water? Whatever. Doesn’t seem too hygienic to us.

Now can we have a Lladro one?

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2 comments to “Stuck for that last-minute pressie for mum?”

  1. I’m hoping to get that from my Secret Santa at work.

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  2. I thought this would be a funny gift for my Dutch friend who is visiting over Christmas. $200 makes it decidedly unfunny … the joke was over when the price went over $10

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