London’s glittering BT Tower to become boutique hotel! Yey!

Let's hope there's a lift

That up there (the phallic thing in the middle) is, for those of you screaming ‘What is it, what is it, WHAT IS IT, Poppa?’ at this juncture, is the BT Tower. And they’re turning it into a boutique hotel. ‘They’ being the powers that be.

Praise the Baby Gee.

Oh that rhymes.

This comes as rather excitement news for various reasons, some of which now follow:

– We do like a boutique hotel.

– The BT Tower is one of our favouritist buildings, like, ever. It changes colour AND EVERYTHING!

– The top bit revolves, but for the last *thinks* ooh a long time Joe Plebian hasn’t been allowed entry ’cause of them IRA people who were blowing up nice London Townians for quite some time and therefore them powers that be saw it as too much of a risk. Hasn’t been totally open since 1981, in fact.

– That bit that revolves was once a restaurant that – fun fact – did actually get bombed by the IRA in 1971. Hence the security concern as outlined above.

– Oh yeah, the BT Tower – again for those who don’t know – was built in 1966 as a communications hub (hence the ‘BT’ bit which = ‘British Telecom’. Natch).

– Logistically we approve. It’s in Fitzrovia, which is *checks* v handy for nice restaurants (notably the Charlotte Street hub) and Regents Park and Oxford Street ‘n’ stuff and also the gays in Soho.

– And c) and d)

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4 comments to “London’s glittering BT Tower to become boutique hotel! Yey!”

  1. Oh I can’t wait! I hereby confirm that this will be my new favourite hangout, seeing as I’m boring somewhat of the sheer expense of kicking off my evenings at Soho Hotel. Unless of course it’s shit.

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  2. So long as there are gays in the lobby, I’ll be there.
    So I’ll be there.

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  3. It is right near my flat, so hurrah… Y’all come over for Bellinis before you hit the lobby, savvy? So this means it is NO LONGER a terrorist target?

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  4. Can I come??? I am quite local.

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