It was the best of films, it was the worst of films…

Ooh, I say

This is, like, one o’ them retrospective things. Of which the media plural is very fond of this time of year. Thus, therefore and as a result, we’re gonna do a bunch of ’em too. Hooray! Starting off with one concerning moving pictures, mostly consisting of the ones that were good, and then one that was utter bollocks. And…… begin.

1. Notes on a Scandal
What with Dame Judi going all lesbionic and Cate Blanchett setting aside her crown to boff a boy in her art class (he was only 15!) this had more juice than two whole episodes of Cranford. And not a lace-trimmed bonnet in sight.

2. La Vie en Rose
Yes, it’s French, yes, it’s got subtitles and yes it’s about some mad old drug-addled singer (no, not Winehouse). But we loved it and we’re not even ashamed! And if that Marion Cotillard, who plays Edith Piaf, doesn’t get every award on offer then we’re not playing anymore.

3. Atonement
You can’t really go wrong can you: Keira Knightley looking ravishing, James McAvoy doing that working class thing he do so well, all your Brenda Blethyns and Romola Garais and a cracking story by Mr. Ian McEwan. And so nice to see the ‘C’ word given such prominence. 

4. This is England
A good show for British films this year and none more British than this cautionary tale of skinhead activity in the Midlands in the 80s. The fashions were spot on but that kid! Can we talk about young Thomas Turgood? Most promising everything of the year. 

5. The Golden Compass
We were worried – nay, afeared – that our favourite ever work of atheist children’s fiction was going to be Hollywooded up to the hills but we needn’t have lost good sleep. Everyone was amazing, the world they created was real (and yet so unreal) and we fully approve of Danny Craig with a beard. Even a ginger one.

And the worst…

The Bourne Ultimatum
Firstly, Matt Damon is not hot. Secondly, all that running gives you a headache. Thirdly, if you’re getting shot at non-stop for two hours sooner or later you’re going to get it. Tiresome, over-egged and boring. And they say he’s the new Bond. Over our cold dead bodies!

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2 comments to “It was the best of films, it was the worst of films…”

  1. I’ve only actually seen two of those films – Notes On A Scandal and Thie Is England – and thoroughly agree, loved them both. Have no desire to seee Bourne Ultimatum.

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  2. Oh my God! You actually think The Golden Compass film did justice to the book? Are you fucking mental? It was shit! And the Bourne Ultimatum was blimmin’ great. This is England was very good … how good was that kid? However, my greatest viewing pleasure this year was courtesy of a TV show. The Wire. Which I have watched again, and again, and again, and again.

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