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Not Mouskouri

Oh, look at Baroness the Most Honourable Victoria Wood in a high collar and a bun!

For ’tis to her that you will be turning on this, the most miserable day of the year (still Bank Holiday, Christmas is the furthest away it’s ever going to be and the shops are open and you don’t have a penny to scratch your back bottom with). She’s in a programme. A good one. And it’s called Ballet Shoes.

Starring with her in it is Emma Watson, her what plays Hermoine in Harry Potter and Richard Griffiths, him what played the crotch-fondling teacher in History Boys – so far so good – and it all centres on some orphans in 30s London who want to make like Kelly Brook and get into dance.

Victoria Lady Woods plays Nana. Not to be mistaken with Catherine Tate’s Nan.

It’s on Her Majesty’s BBC1 at 8.30 of the pm.

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