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Extras Extras, read all about it

The one where Georgious Michaels is cruising in the bushes of London’s glittering Hampstead Heath! Hooray!

But that’s just the sideshow for the real, what are they calling it?, emotional punch? which focusses on the friendship between Ricky’s character Andy and the fabulous-in-Ugly-Betty Ashley Jensen (who plays Maggie).

Oh, and Clive Owen looking hot.

On Her Majesty’s BBC1 (where else?) at 9pm and it’s like a feature-length one. And the last Extras ever. Sob.

Also on tonight are a pair of blinding films starring some blinding ladies. Sorry, Dames. Both at 9pm, on BBC2 you have Mrs. Henderson Presents, starring Dame Judi Dench and Will Young’s bum and maybe even a bit of cock if you freeze frame, while on ITV you have Dame Helen Mirren as Her Majesty The Queen in The Queen, which you’ve probably already seen.

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