In July it was all about…

Is that a good arse?

Dame Shirley of Bassey and Clivedon got way down with the kids with her new album and even included the cheeeenius version of Pink’s ‘Get This Party Started’. Still not sure if she’s down with the significance of the line ‘I’m coming up…’ mind.

The Spice Girls conducted a raucous press conference and you half-remembered why you liked them.

We already knew about Kylie in the Christmas spesh of Dr. Who, but in July we found out that Catherine Tate was his new sidekick. How the gays rejoiced!

A bishop blamed gays for the floods in the Midlands. Gays accepted full responsibility.

Having ‘wowed’ the nation on Soapstar Superstar, Sean off-of Corrie (aka actor Anthony Cotton) was given his own talk show. It was what’s known in the business as an unmitigated disaster. And what is that hair?

Kelly Clarkson told us – exclusively, naturellement! – that she was spunking all her ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ cash on sparkly crosses that she hated in the morning.

The Sex and the City movie actually started filming. By now you’ll have seen most of it.

Those Beckhams got all hot and horny inside W magazine, just to let the Americans know that they were coming and could be every bit as skanky as their home-grown skanks.

Groove Armada told us they’d been working with Kylie (when we say ‘working’, they were working, Kylie turned up and swished about a bit and copied someone’s vocals off the demo, no doubt). The track didn’t make the final cut of the X album. Who’s sorry now, Ms K?

Pete Burns (victim) got married to that dolly bloke with dodgy hair. May god have mercy on all their souls.

We toddled along to Mika’s art exhibition. Fine wines were served, Mika came over for a chat and we ended up at bear bar the King’s Arms with Gateau Chocolat and the dolly bears. Oh, and did an exclusive interview that same month. Read it here. Oh, and here.

A show called Clapham Junction about the state of the gay nation in 2007 was shown. It felt like 1984 all over again. But there was knobbage.

The invented a tampon that could wear a skirt.

Darren Hayes answered the questions you so kindly popped deep withinside of him. Oh, and here as well.

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