In June it was all about…

Pitch it to me!

Daniel Craig off-of Bond was still very much in our thoughts.

Enrique off-of Iglesias pitched up at London’s sometimes glittering G-A-Y and ended up serenading (sure that’s the word for it) a gennelman from the audience! We. Love. Him.

Paris Hilton got sent to the Big House and had this picture taken of her crying very prettily and positioned just so everyone could take a nice picture of her.

Lee Mead Joseph-ed his way into the West End on Any Dream Will Do. Could this be a reality show winner we would actually schtup for a change?

Kylie was back with a vengeance, doing lots of original stuff like dressing up as Marilyn Monroe. Why had no one else ever thought of doing that? It’s crazy mad and no mistake. She was also having 20-years-in-showbiz parties (we’ll be the judge of that)

They decided they would show Dr. Who on a big screen at Gay Pride in glittering London in case no one turned up.

Turned out that Christina Aguilera was pregnant with a human baby. Yes! Off-of that funny looking husband of hers. Nicole Richie was also knocked up but we didn’t care about that.

We ran an exclusive interview with them darling Shortbus boys (the DVD coincidentally was released around about this time). We love them. We love that film. Even on DVD.

Little G-G-Gareth Gates answered the questions you so kindly popped withinside of him as did Roisin Murphy, among others.

Justin Timberlake told us exclusively what he thought of recently-arrested Lou Pearlman. He thought he was greedy but said he’d never tried to give him a funny tickle. Not ever. Not even once.

Mika shot his ‘Big Girls’ video on the gritty streets of Croydon. Well, there’s no shortage of big girls down that way.

The gorgeous Shoreditch House opened in London’s sometimes-glittering Shoreditch (nice planning!) We would spend the summer floating around the rooftop pool no doubt in some lazy people’s Chardonnay urine.

Dirty racist and homophobic northern ‘comedian’ Bernard Manning snuffed it. No one really cared. Better than that, Parkinson – the most inept interviewer in the history of moving pictures – announced his retirement. And don’t come back!

It was formerly announcethed that Emma Peel, sorry, Dame Diana Rigg was to star in a very starry theatre production of Almodovar’s All About My Mother at London’s glittering Old Vic. Which is in talks to go to Broadway apparently. But you didn’t hear that from us.


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