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Eeny meeny miney mo

Back to normal telly now, people, which is what makes The History Boys stand out.

Here are some facts you might need to know about The History Boys:

a). It was written by Alan Bennett, a gay and sort of like a male Victoria Wood.

b). It stars many young men (see above) who are all legally old enough to fancy the pants off of.

c). It stars Richard Griffiths as a teacher who likes to cop a feel of said young men when he gives them a lift on his motorbike (and they don’t seem that bothered: the Americans were OUTRAGED!)

d). It also stars Frances de la Tour, who is genius and used to be Miss Jones in Rising Damp.

e). It’s about a bunch of sixth-form boys who are trying to pass their Oxbridge interviews. Which doesn’t sound that interesting. But it is.

It’s on BBC2 at 9pm, but we’ll probably be out drinking by then anyways.

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