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Lenny Kravitz almost gave it all up for a life in the Brazilian jungle shock!

Lenny. Len. L.

This is what he said quote unquote, re. that staying in t’jungle thing we mentioned:

‘There was certainly the temptation to just stay gone. There was no stress, less time spent on decisions. And I reconnected with knowing that God gives you everything you need. But I came out of the jungle and I came back with a fresh outlook.’

a) God? Who dat?

b) Please don’t build our hopes like that.

and c) and d).

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Fag Hag Diary

The Divine Miss Em


So apparently the artist formerly known as Prince Philip has made a bit of a social plop plop. ‘What is plop plop?’ I hear you ask in manner of Polynesian island girl called Kahuna falling in love with blond haired American called Brad and attempting to absorb his culture. Well, it means doing the social equivalent of taking a dump on the nice party carpet and that’s what Prince Pippy did when he mistook Oscar winning Cate Blanchett for a technician. (more…)

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Oh, let’s join Justin Timberlake in laughing at the gays in his new advert for Pepsi…

Oh, how hilarious!

Now, are we being totally over-sensitive here or is the inclusion of this gennelman, obviously gay and just going about his business dressing up as Christina Aguilera, in Justin Timberlake’s new ad for Pepsi a bit off?

We like a laugh as much as anyone (more than most people, especially if there’s a fart joke in there) but somehow taking the piss out of a guy dressing up in the privacy of his own boudoir seems a little harsh. Especially when you think its debut airing will be at half-time at the American Superbowl (sports, we assume), meaning its audience is mainly lunk-headed, beered-up divs. And didn’t someone have to apologise for a homophobic ad at Superbowl last year?

Anyways, see the ad after the jump, say what you think… (more…)

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Can you guess who this is in their new video?

Can't get it off of her head

It’s kind of obvious, isn’t it?

For a start she’s done the whole hood/space-spex thing before?

Secondly, only Australians have teeth that big. Oh, and Esther Rantzen.

Got it yet? Jump over the jump to see the new video (and see if you were right). And *sounds of something being climbed down* we’re actually quite liking these two new tracks (there’s another clue!)… (more…)

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Is this the biggest twat in Britain?


Look at this twat. He’s the twat who it turns out has been paid by his Conservative MP father to do ‘research’, which translates into twatting around town in fur coats with the likes of Martine McCutcheon.

Funniest thing on TV since The Catherine Tate Christmas Show was the footage of him twatting down the gauntlet of paps in Jackie O shades, a handbag and acting for all the world like he was Marilyn Monroe stepping off a trans-Atlantic flight.

If anyone can find footage for us to post of this twat doing his pap run, please wing it this direction.

Did we say ‘twat’ enought times? The twat!

Read the full story of this twat here.

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Getting ready for Alfie Allen’s nude scene tonight? Well, he’s been told to get a trim.

Get out of the way, woman!

‘I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. I’m all pubes and a big fat willy so I’m not worried.’

We quote one Alfie Allen – brother of Lily, son of Keith, who said ‘nepotism’? You at the back? Don’t look at your friend. We’re talking to you!… – on the subject of revealing all in the Harry Potter role in not-as-fun-as-it-sounds play Equus, which he will have to do tonight.

Well, apparently, he was speakething the truth. So many pubes in fact that you could stuff a pillow with them, leading to director fella telling him he needed the chop… (more…)

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Look, boy in pants. Apropos of nothing. Except maybe it brings to mind the three-in-a-pack briefs Momma used to buy us from Marks ‘n’ Sparks.

Oh hello.

*pulls finger out and does some research*

Boy In Pants is a-Spanish and is a-called Jon Kortajarena Redruello. Just rolls of the tongue, doesn’t it. And he is a model and therefore it’s his job to allow people to a-look at him and p’raps touch themselves inappropriately as a result. (more…)

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Fag Hag Diary

One hot enchilada.


Last night the Fag Hag was walking through London’s glittering Soho (Mon and Tues only my darlings – any other night is for strippers, Austrian tourists and girls who’ll fuck Ashley Cole) and suddenly had one of those feelings. You know the ones, where you say to yourself, tonight Matthew – off-of Sri Lankan houseboys – I got it going on. (more…)

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