A sad sad tale of very sad sadness


Two of our favourite tits. In the world. Ever. Are being put under wraps.

By which we mean those up there.

Despite assertions that Daniel of Craig would go so far as to get his front bottom out for the lads in forthcoming Bond-ages, he’s decided that no, his torso’s had far too much recognition this last year and it’s about time we appreciated the person on the inside. Or some such other bollocks. Here’s the quote:

‘If Bond goes to the beach with palm trees it’s almost banal now.’

No it isn’t.

‘The only interesting journey remains the journey inwards, deep into the psyche.’

No it isn’t.


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2 comments to “A sad sad tale of very sad sadness”

  1. This is indeed very sad news. Indeed. Sad. Very. Sad. Fool.

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  2. *ends life*

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