Eugh, icky.

Is he on solids yet?

So that up there’s Brad Pitt. No, really. No-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-etc, really. Letteth us expain. Eth.

What it is, is, is Brad Pitt as a regressed baby type thing as will be appearing in the moving picture versh of F. Scott Fitzgerald novel-ette The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a story about a person who ages backwards. Bradley’s playing Benjamin, and that up there is him as an old man. You know, ’cause he ages backwards. It’s moving picture magic, is what it is.

Anyways, also appearing in said filmic device is Cate Blanchett and Julia ‘where the heck you been, ma’am? You totally fell off the radar after Legends of the Fall, and we’re obviously not including Sabrina and Smilla’s Sense of Snow’ Ormond, and Tilda Swindon. AKA three whole actresses we j’adore.

The end.

Oh, it’s out in November (28th, we think) and it’ll prolly be good. And there now follows a picture of Brad Pitt’s back bottom that you may like to touch yourself to, and another of him with nice tittage. Assuming that one up there didn’t do it for you initially…

Peachy. Down the pitt. Get it? No really, GETTIT????
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4 comments to “Eugh, icky.”

  1. He has well-maintained armpit hair. And I think it turns me on.

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  2. He doesn’t suit being a baby.

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  3. Her Royal Highness thinks his baby photo bears a stricking resemblance to “Dobbie, the House Goblin”….Her Highness, is just saying……

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  4. […] – It’s for the new film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. AKA A little moving picture we told you about a while ago. It’s all a bit Tim Burton, despite having absolutely jack-diddly-squat to do with Tim Burton. […]

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