So these are the famouses doing Dancing on Ice…

Such a lot of famouses

So it starts on Sunday, ITV the First, at 5.50pm and this lot o’ famouses or not-so-famouses are on it. We’re particularly excited by the third one ’cause we j’adore. And the fifth one ’cause we’ve missed her. And the eighth one ’cause she’s e’er so nice. And c) and d).

– Steve Backley, thrower of sticks to an Olympic standard.

– Chris Fountain, off-of Hollyoaks.

– Tim Vincent. J’adore.

– Gareth Gates. Awww.

– Sarah Greene off the telly.

– Linda Lusardi off-of Emmerdale and other things.

– Aggie MacKenzie, who cleans houses.

– Samantha Mumba AKA Smumba AKA we have a funny story ’bout her which we’ll save for later.

– Natalie Pinkham. Us either.

– Greg Rusedski off-of tennis.

– Suzanne Shaw. ‘Singer and actress’.

– Michael Underwood AKA the token GMTV ‘personality’ to get the votes in.

We predict Tim Vincent in tight lycra and a low-cut blouse will make us want to touch ourselves.

*swish… swish… swish…*

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5 comments to “So these are the famouses doing Dancing on Ice…”

  1. Oh, I cant’ wait to see Timothy trotting around an ice rink in something tight. And Gareth Gates come to that.

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  2. Snore on!

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  3. Her HIghness hopes the little gay boy from the State, Johnny Weir will be flickering in for a guest appearence…VI and I are still talking about his Swan outfit……

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  4. ITV? Father doesn’t allow one to watch said channel.

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