Fag Hag Diary

Oh, Faggy


Hello, most fabulous ones. I neglected to mention a very urgent bulletin in my posting yesterday about my recent New York trip. Sorry to go all serious on yo asses, but it’s a vitally important tourist announcement that should be passed on to any non-heterosexual males visiting the Manhattan area in the next six weeks.

It is advised that as soon as you arrive at Kennedy airport, you go straight to 45th Street between 7th and 8th, otherwise your entire holiday could be ruined…

That’s because you’ll need to go there to see A Chorus Line, silly!

And, oh my legs akimbo, you will never such a fine array of the male posterior as assembled in this location see. Tight ones, high ones, big ones, pert ones, all encased in the tightest Spandex known to humanity.

Now, I’m not normally an arse queen, but these boys… Well, as Princess Jasmine put it in Aladdin, that’s a whole new world. I’m still quite speechless so please, before it’s too late, go check out this singular sensation for yourself…

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  1. Her Highness if forced to take your word for this, however, this play is older then Lauren Bacall and My Royal Self put together……

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