Give me your last Rolo, pig.

Mmmmm, yum.


Now Rolos are a funny thing. Generally we liketh them muchos, but find the toffee/caramel bit sticks to your dentures if you’re not careful and some people in this vicinity right here have been known to just suck on a fresh Rolo until the chocolate is no more, then spit the remainder out. It’s kinda a waste of most of a Rolo, but satisfying at the same time. We’ve been told.

Anways, you wouldn’t be able to do the above described thing to the Rolo up there, ’cause it’s actually a gold Rolo. Yes, a gold Rolo. Gold. Rolo.

It’s purpose in life is to be a gift-age on Valentine’s Day – you know, I-give-to-thee-my-last-Rolo type thing. It’s quite a nice idea, actually, and the last rolo that is gold is in fact spun from 18k gold, if that were to mean anything to yerself.

So, right, it’s only £50 which for some reason seems quite reasonable to us, and you can get it at any Sel-fridges in the UK of Britain.

We’ll have 3,479 of them, please.

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3 comments to “Give me your last Rolo, pig.”

  1. Now that’s a good idea.

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  2. When did this website turn into the Innovations catalogue?

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  3. Consuela, you’re really tiresome. Can you be witty?

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