Oh, Glenn… we didn’t know you cared!

Er, something on your lip...!

This is a close up of Glenn Close. Or, a Glenn Close-up. Gettit? No, really – GETTIT?

Do you?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, relax. So that is not, as you were all prolly thinking, Glenn Close with white wee on her face. Oh-oh-oh no. It’s Glenn Close with (off-)white milk on her face.

She’s extolling the virtues of milk, see. ‘Parently, it’s good for protein-gain – like if you were working out, whatever that means – and also maintaining a healthy weight.

*buys a cow*

There’s no mention of lactose intolerance but, well, that’s just showing off, isn’t it.

*eats a lump of cheese; head swells to the size of Half Ton Mum off the telly last week; takes it all back*

Anyways, here’s the full advertisement, in all it’s fullness:

Melikes the millllllk.

And you can find out more about the thing they call ‘milk’, here.

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  1. I’ve started drinking milk after a very long time… it has had no discernable effect on me.

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